being in hospital – second semester

no longer tiring to do all the walking and standing. can skip up 3 flights of stairs during ward rounds no worries.

starting to use ‘down time’ on ward rounds to look at anki cards, ECGs, pt files etc.

now regularly seeing patients on my own for histories. have listened to a few hearts. haven’t done many full abdo exams though 😦 the next MCR after this one is gastro ex so that will require me to write up the talley chapter for gastro, so after that i will be all over it.

getting used to not knowing stuff… and it being alright. i used to be burdened by the fact that my knowledge was incomplete and shit compared to other 3rd years. now I’m much more chilled out about not knowing and making mistakes. ancora imparo.

lovely ‘meet the professor’ session. really nice guy (of course, they all are). those study group sessions have paid off in terms of me being used to inhabiting that space where the diagnosis is a mysterious box with question marks on it, and trying to think through what it could be. using those 5 path processes (neoplastic, inflammatory, infectious, degenerative, congenital) and using my (limited) knowledge of the anatomy in that region – RUQ pain, going in layers from the skin down… MSK… bones… peritoneum… liver… gallbladder etc. That feeling of drawing a complete blank for several seconds then a thought just popping into your head! being so engrossed in wondering about the case you are not scared of making a mistake or looking dumb or intimidated by the senior doc.

hibiscus tea, and lots of it. the zouki coffee is burnt and shit. it is literally never good. i don’t know why i still buy it.