“I think he will pick up,” the intern says glumly. His words sound like a rebuke but I don’t argue. I know that another young doctor is merely realising that we can’t steer the destiny of our patients, just be their partner for some time.


  • Unhealthy cravings for food, drink, smoking — we turn to these things for comfort when we’re feeling stressed, bored, lonely, sad … but we can stay with these feelings and be curious about them, and learn to do other, healthier actions instead, like taking a walk, doing yoga, meditating, talking with people, creating, learning, practicing a skill, and so on. These are healthier ways of coping, but we often avoid them because we don’t like to feel these feelings and want to stuff the hole in our hearts with comfort food, drugs, etc.

all your angst is ultimately unwarranted

ageing The reason that aging occurs is in essence quite simple. Life exists far from thermodynamic equilibrium. Its stability is constantly threatened by a wide array of internal and external stressors, and, in these circumstances, things tend to fall apart rather quickly unless actively maintained. Keeping the soma going requires constant effort, and this, in the long run, is unwarranted—in terms of natural selection, there are more important things to do. Thus, programming for survival ultimately fails, and it is this that results in aging