endo research

Why don’t they tie the tubes of women w endo to stop it getting worse? is it leaking out the fallopian tubes or it is haematogenous spread?

Also,  research on removed tissue – compare it’s gel electrophoresis to the pt’s in – uterus tissue – is it identical? Aiming for a blood test to diagnose endo
also – do they give chemo for endo? cause it behaves like a hormonal cancer


Do you think women in particular find it harder to take creative risks because they’re too worried about failing?
Sure. In fact, I think it’s possibly the greatest obstacle to women participating in a more vibrant and robust way. Certainly, there’s good old patriarchy and misogyny but… it’s a deeper demon for women than it is for men. The way it expresses itself is: “I am not allowed to put myself forward before I and my work are immaculate.” And that, to me, is the enemy of all good things. Perfection murders joy. You cut yourself out of the game before you even start. You cut yourself out of the game because you’ve decided it’s never going to be as good as your ideal.

But this is on us. We have a certain responsibility to take that on and allow ourselves to release work which is imperfect – which, by the way, is all work! You’re never going to please everyone. I mean, there are people who think the Sistine Chapel is gaudy.