caesars – pt experience

  • worry
  • guilt
  • feel like they’re missing out
  • won’t need the scented candles and birth soundtrack
  • unprepared – normal birth classes don’t cover this
  • not enough information / pt education prior – just told to fast 12 hrs prior
  • feel lucky and feel like they’ve missed out
  • hungry, thirsty and faint, fatigue from poor sleep the night before, nervous
  • partner also nervous, wants to help/protect but doesn’t know how / what role
  • feels unreal / surreal
  • hospital gowns and hats – process of losing identity
  • epidural placement hurts. tell partner not to watch, make sure they’re sitting down
  • get someone to support the preggie’s upper body/arms – someone to lean on
  • concerned they might wet the bed – catheter
  • fabric screen
  • meditation techniques to remain calm
  • feel breathless and chest pressure = spinal block ascending
  • rummaging around in a handbag, pulling, tugging
  • tell them it should feel painless
  • skin-skin contact
  • recovery – waiting for spinal to wear off – can partner stay with them in recovery? do they wait in the ward?

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