advanced skill: can i konmari my study resources? are anki cards the ultimate konmari? if a lecture powerpoint doesn’t make it into anki, why keep it? (also, if a tree falls in the woods… etc lololo)

human beings can only cherish a limited number of things

the default is to throw something out. it has to spark joy to earn an ongoing place in your life.

* Discard unwanted items first, and consider your items in order from clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous items to those with sentimental value.

* If you are organising your books, get every single book from around your home and pile them up in one place. Pick each one up and ask “Does this bring me joy?”

* If not, thank the item for the role it’s played in your life and throw it away.

* There is no need for special storage containers, hiding things from view only creates the illusion of decluttering.

* Get rid of mobile phone packages, manuals and CDs, if you need help you can always go online or ask at the shop you bought it.

* Don’t feel guilty for throwing a gift away, the purpose of a present is for it to be received

* The entire process of decluttering usually takes between six months to a year

* Once you have discarded all your items, then make sure you designate a place for the things you have left, this helps to keep your home clutter free.

handling each piece is a crucial step. say thanks then toss. As we figure out who we are, it’s only natural that we accumulate stuff that doesn’t suit who we end up being. But keeping it around is dead weight. Who needs more anxiety about the people we could have been, had things gone a little differently? Keeping pieces you love right now—not the ones you loved then, and not the ones you might love at some hypothetical time in the future—is a kind of radical self-acceptance.

to know your own taste and to appreciate what you’ve got

and also, stop new stuff coming into your life. it only gets to stay if it sparks joy. and don’t waste your own money buying stupid stuff


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