RANZCOG CV scoring

clinical experience in O&G (PGY1 or later):  9pts for 18mths

O&G prize winner: 5pts

research – first author: 1 pt for 1 pub, 2 pts for 2+ pubs

presentation at ASM – first author: 0.5pts per paper (max 2 pts)

professional development course: 1 pt per course (max 3 pts)

2 years as a rural GP (RA 2-5): 5 pts

‘personal achievement’ section: up to 5 pts

– volunteer work, indigenous work, leadership activities

so, working backwards, what could i realistically do?

  • suck up to the people who allocate rotations for intern and resident year to get allocated O&G rotations.
  • try to win that prize lol
  • do lots of posters and research papers, to eventually work up to being the first author
  • if all fails, become a GP and work rurally for 2 years (and do the RANZCOG diploma)
  • some kind of O&G volunteer work but what? hang out at that indigenous womens bit of royal women? read the close the gap stuff
    • something that RANZCOG can brag about – raise money, raise profile
    • make a deal with a current OB to do their scut work in exchange for something useful to me
    • care for rural women – improving the safety of home-births – home-birth-in-a-box kits
    • reducing the reasons to fly women to tertiary hospitals – i.e. anything that reduces the effect of obesity, pre-ecclampsia, twins, epilepsy, diabetes etc
    • or a ronald-mcdonald house for rural preggies – could be similarly sponsored by some brand that wants to target pregnant women.
    • or training-in-a-box for rural midwives (self-paced, online / accessible), like the ‘where there is no midwife’ hesperian books
    • profile and persuasion
    • is there an expensive product that could be made available more cheaply?

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