Experience propels people along their developmental journeys

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 11.19.56 am

Learning theory – operant condition = the consequences of a behaviour determine whether the behaviour is repeated in future
e.g. taking pills delays progression (negative reinforcement)
going for jobs unsuccessful so stopped trying and moved to new workplace (punishment – withholding a promotion)
cycling relieves symptoms, so she does that whenever she cant sleep (negative reinforcement)

social learning theory – learn by watching those around them ‘observational learning’ – looking to others for information about appropriate behaviour
having a positive attitude about the MS gains respect and admiration from others (better than pity)

Bandura argues that experience gives people a sense of self-efficacy – self-efficacy beliefs help to determine when people will imitate others. Whether an individual imitates others depends on who the other person is, on whether that person’s behaviour is rewarded and on the individual’s beliefs about her own abilities


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